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Tobacco Treatment


Nicotine dependence is an addiction to tobacco products caused by the drug nicotine. Nicotine dependence — also referred to as tobacco dependence — means you can not stop using the substance, even though it is causing you harm. While it is the nicotine in tobacco that causes nicotine dependence, the toxic effects come mainly from other substances in tobacco. Smokers have much higher rates of heart disease, stroke and cancer than do nonsmokers.

Nicotine produces physical and mood-altering effects in your brain that are temporarily pleasing. These effects make you want to use tobacco and lead to dependence. At the same time, stopping tobacco use causes withdrawal symptoms, including irritability and anxiety.

A Fatal Attraction
Used “As Directed” Nicotine will kill 50% of people who continue to smoke.  One out of three individuals who ever smoke one cigarette will be unable to stop using this uniquely fatal substance. Statistics show that, in the USA, every year 450,000 people die of a nicotine related illness.  Another 40-50,000 die from Second Hand smoke.  This is over 1,200 people dying every day... the equivalent of 3 fully loaded 747s crashing every day with no survivors!

Tobacco Treatment Specialist
A Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) is a professional who possesses the skills, knowledge and training to provide effective, evidence-based interventions for tobacco dependence across a range of intensities. Dr. J. Dan Weathers is a Mayo Clinic trained Tobacco Treatment Specialist.  As a Tobacco Treatment Specialist Dr. Weathers understand the unique neuropharmacology of nicotine and will optimize treatment using pharmacologic management, basic counseling, motivational interviewing and other counseling approaches, and is fully skilled in the application of treatment of tobacco dependence to people with co-morbid conditions.

If Tobacco Killed Them Before 60,Why Cant It Kill You Too? Did you know any of these people?
Patrick Swayze, Smoker, Dead at 57, pancreatic cancer
Captain Phil Harris (Deadliest Catch captain) - age 53
Nat "King" Cole, 45, singer * lung cancer
Roger Maris, 51, baseball player (N.Y. Yankees) * lung cancer
Rod Serling, 51, director (Twilight Zone) heavy smoker * heart disease
Roy Orbison, 52, singer ("Pretty Woman") * heart attack
Jerry Garcia, 53, musician (Grateful Dead) * heart attack
Babe Ruth, 53, baseball player * oral cancer
Michael Landon, 54, actor - heavy smoker * pancreas and liver cancer
Ian Fleming, 56, James Bond creator * heart attack
Roger Miller, 56, singer/songwriter * lung/throat cancer
Wolfman Jack, 57, music disk jockey * heart attack
George Harrison, 58, musician (The Beatles) * lung cancer
R.J. Reynolds, 58, tobacco company founder * emphysema
R.J. Reynolds, III, 59, tobacco company heir * emphysema
Clark Gable, 59, actor ("Gone With The Wind") * heart attack

A 50% chance of exchanging 5,000 sunrises for 1 chemical. Why?
Average life lost... 7 minutes per cigarette, 13-15 years earlier than necessary. Won’t you consider treatment by Statesboro’s only Tobacco Treatment Specialist.  Let Dr. Weathers show you how.