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Advocacy for Recovering People


Many times the alcoholic / addict faces more problems than kicking the habit. The alcoholic / addict may have violated the trust of his or her family, co-workers, employer, or even licensing agencies or boards.  Sometimes the hurdles the alcoholic / addict has to cross can be more overpowering than the addiction itself.

Savannah Avenue Recovery and Health, LLC can assist the alcoholic / addict in this crucial phase of recovery. We will provide advocacy for our clients who have demonstrated sustained remission from their disease and compliance with their treatment programs.  Advocacy may come in the form of conferences and / or letters to families, employers, courts, licensing agencies or boards. Based upon the individuals needs  Dr. Weathers is also available for personal testimony before these same entities.

Dr. Weathers has served an advocate for patients before:

●    The Composite State Board of Medical Examiners.
●    The Georgia Board of Nursing.
●    The Florida Board of Nursing.
●    The Georgia Board of Pharmacy.
●    Employers.
●    City and State courts.
●    Insurance Companies.
●    Educational Institutions.
●    Families.

In addition, if needed, Dr. Weathers works with attorneys who specialize in representation of Health Care providers, if needed.