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Ambulatory Detoxification


While some clients come to SARAH to determine if their substance use has really become an issue, others know that it has and are wondering what treatment options may be available. Some have tried to stop on their own, and have found their attempts to be unsuccessful. While some of our patients have had problems completing other programs, others have completed another program, and are looking for an effective aftercare. All have one common desire; respectful, professional, competent, specialized treatment, in a safe, secure, confidential environment.

Substance abuse can cause profound changes in brain and body chemistry and one of the first priorities in recovery from addiction is to detoxify from toxic chemicals and their byproducts. While complete detoxification can take months or even years, the staff of Savannah Avenue Recovery & Health, LLC, provide support and medical supervision during the first few hours or days of abstinence, when withdrawal can be physically overwhelming, or even dangerous.

Detoxification is frequently the first step of the treatment process and must be administered by medical professionals. Patients are stabilized over a period of five to seven days based upon their medical condition.

Different Drugs require different treatments
Detoxification protocols are quite different depending upon the drug or drugs a person has become dependent upon.  While most detoxification protocols are short (about 5 days), some drugs are more safely tapered over a longer period of time.  With some drugs replacement therapy may be offered with a prescription medication that is then tapered slowly.
Why Us?
In all cases it is best if detoxification is performed under the supervision of a physician who is board certified in Addiction Medicine.  Dr. J. Dan Weathers spent one year of study (Fellowship) at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and is board certified in Emergency Medicine as well as Addiction Medicine and is qualified to guide you or your loved one through this difficult process with the safety of medically monitored care.
Customized Care: One size does not fit all.
In cases of detoxification from alcohol or sedative hypnotics ambulatory detoxification requires that you or your loved one be under the supervision of a family member or friend who can administer medications as prescribed by our Addiction Specialist.  If you are wishing to undergo ambulatory detoxification please bring a close friend or family member with you to your appointment with Dr. Weathers.
In addition, Dr. Weathers was trained as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  Individuals desiring detoxification from Nicotine products are welcomed at Savannah Avenue Recovery & Health, LLC.
We look further than just removing the drug
Underlying many addictions are often disorders which served to trigger the addiction in the first place.  We look beyond the process of detoxificaiton to seek to uncover the underlying problem which may have "triggered" addiction in the first place.  Its quite amazing how many people affected by alcoholism or drug addiction have an underlying disorder needing care.  Mood disorders such as depression, anxiety,  or manic depressive illness are common.  Other common triggers include underlying painful conditions and  medical disorders such as hormonal imbalance seen in hypothroidism or hypogonadism that are frequently present and need treatment as well.  Because Dr. Weathers is board certified in primary care medicine as well as Addiction Medicine, he is uniquely qualified to assess and treat other medical problems that may be present in the addict or alcoholic.  In addition, Dr. Weathers is fellowship trained in Metabolic and Anti-aging Medicine by The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and is board eligible in that specialty as well.
Inquiries Welcomed
Inquires are welcomed.  Please let us know if we can help you or someone you love break the vicious cycle of drug, nicotine, or alcohol addiction.  Call us at (912) 681-9292 to schedule an outpatient assessment with Dr. Weathers.