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The Recovery Process

Definitions include:
1.  The act or process of recovering, esp from sickness, a shock, or a setback; recuperation.
2.  Restoration to a former or better condition.
3.  The regaining of something lost.

Although recovery is often defined as returning to a stable baseline or former level of functioning, many people experience recovery as a transformative process in which the old self is gradually let go of and a new sense of self emerges.

Anti-Aging Goals of Recovery include:
1.    Optimizing Nutrition.
2.    The balancing of bio-identical hormones.
3.    Cooling off of inflammatory processes.
4.    Fixing Digestive disorders.
5.    Enhancing Detoxification.
6.    Boosting energy metabolism.
7.    Calming the mind.
8.    Restoring the body.

Addiction Recovery:  The process of recovering from Addiction and Alcoholism is a series of steps which return the mind and body to health.  The process begins with detoxification from the drug and / or alcohol and is maintained by consciousness and spirituality. 

Reconnecting to Self:  Addiction recovery has been described as a process of Reconnecting.  After removing drugs and alcohol, most begin by Reconnecting with Self.  Here the person reconnects with the truth and pain of their lives, and through therapy with others can begin to let go of their pain.  Suffering pain is universal in this life.  All addiction begins and ends in pain.  The hardest part of early recovery is the recognition, acceptance, and letting go of current and past pains.  This is truly a process and not a destination, one which requires a great deal of courage and faith. It is far easier to continue to medicate pain, but unfortunately this results in only more suffering and pain.

Reconnecting with God: Addiction recovery does not require a belief in God.  We only ask that the person in early recovery establish a belief in a higher power other than themselves.  One of my personal truths in the process is... The brain which created the problem is powerless to fix it without the intervention of others in the process.  Early on we simply ask folks to consider that there is something greater than themselves (such as an AA group) that possesses wisdom they do not have.  I find it extraordinary that many, if not most early in the beginning of this process, have lost any connection to a higher power.  And, almost universally, those who remain in the recovery process end up calling their higher power by his name... God.

Reconnecting to Community & Family: The third big part of this slowly evolving process is the reconnecting to others.  Spirituality means many things, but in early addiction / alcohol recovery, it means reconnecting.  When we re-connect to those closest in our lives, we experience the healing love through and from others.  For the addict or alcoholic, however, don’t expect that reconnection to come easily.  The pain the disease of addiction and alcoholism has caused in the lives of families can only be slowly healed.  Families and loved ones learn to trust the behavior they see, not the words that they hear.  Reconnecting with family and loved ones is an earned action.

Have you lost something in your life?  Your health? Your energy? Your sex life?  Your body?  Your mental health?  Your sobriety?  If so, please consider an appointment with Dr. J. Dan Weathers, an expert in the process of recovery.  Call us at (912) 681-9292 to make an appointment for your consultation before its too late.  Let us help restore your body and mind to good health!